'Smatka's unique approach to vocal and performance coaching is like no other'

- Morsecode -

Smatka grew up in a forest somewhere in Saxony from where she continuously worked her way up through cities like Dresden and Berlin before finally arriving in London. Smatka has been a singer and songwriter for years and is also a professionally trained actress. Drawing on her own experience in the music industry, she coaches up and coming artists in all aspects of their lives as professional performers. As well as giving them vocal, acting and performance coaching, she provides them with valuable advice and exercises to help them keep fit and maintain a healthy voice throughout their careers.

Smatka is always looking forward to working with new artists and has worked with a number of notable clients from all areas within music and performance.

When accepting new students, Smatka gives her all to support them 100 %. On top of giving them regular lessons, she is prepared go on tour with them, do warm-ups before shows and accompany them to any occasion where they might need her help and advice.